Your pool’s looking a little … how do we say this … worse for wear. Not your fault. Entirely. These things happen, it’s just part of life. The body decays, your car needs repairs, appliances bite the dust, and so forth. Maybe you inherited this pool when you moved in. Maybe it was something you always wanted and after 18 years of kids, pool parties, and weather it’s time for a little TLC. Rather than fill it with concrete and call it gravy, consider a little pool renovation. 

Where Do I Start?

Well, first let’s think of all the things you can do with a pool renovation. Take a good look at the lining or surface of your pool. Is it cracked? Are there tears in the vinyl? Chips? Dings? Dents? There’s your starting point. Especially with vinyl liners, the lifespan is only so long. Depending on the thickness and quality of your vinyl, it could last anywhere from seven to twelve years. It’s recommended, though, that you replace a vinyl liner every five years to keep it looking new. 

Replacing or repairing the surface of your pool will increase its functional life as well as its beauty and comfort. Sliding over a cracked surface just isn’t fun. Ever. Repair these cracks with new concrete, pebbles for a rustic look, or quartz for a high-end look. Make a decorative statement with tiles laid out in a unique pattern.

If there’s one thing to be advised against, it’s changing the pool’s shape. It’s doable, but it costs exponentially more than replacing old fixtures and adding new features, like a bench inside the pool along the walls for seating.

What Next?

Water features? Fountains, waterfalls, spillovers all create a dramatic effect. But it isn’t just the look of these features that are enticing. The sounds they add are calming and alluring. Got an afternoon weekend free? Sit by the pool with the sounds of a waterfall to help your relax while you catch some rays, read a book, or meditate.

Hot tubs! Though they won’t be a time machine (side note: time travel never works out) they’ll certainly transport you from feeling stressed and anxious to feeling calm and at peace. Not to mention the fact that leg day was yesterday and this added feature is a godsend. 

While you’re updating the basics, check out all the new technologies that exist. A heater so you can use your pool all year round, automatic cleaning, and lights can all be operated with the touch of a button. Speaking of lighting, shake up the way you think about lights in a pool. Yes, they’re a safety feature, but similar to the way that a fountain adds beauty and atmosphere, lighting can do the same. 

Brass Tax

Depending on materials, the type of work you’re doing, features, tech, and all that jazz you could spend as little as $4,500 or as much as $100,000. There are a lot of variables – as with any home improvement project – but your contractor can give you an estimate of the final costs. If you like, you can always take your time and break it down into chunks. Resurface and add a hot tub this year. Upgrade the lighting and tech the next. Outside of resurfacing, the bells and whistles are just added fun that won’t render your pool useless, but enhance your experience as they’re added.