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Pool Remodeling: What Does It Take?

Your pool’s looking a little … how do we say this … worse for wear. Not your fault. Entirely. These things happen, it’s just part of life. The body decays, your car needs repairs, appliances bite the dust, and so forth. Maybe you inherited this pool when you moved in. Maybe it was something you always wanted and after 18 years of kids, pool parties, and weather it’s time for a little TLC. Rather than fill it with concrete and call it gravy, consider a little pool renovation.  Where Do I Start? Well, first let’s think of all the...

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Small Garden? No Problem

Families with children, especially small ones who love being outside, always want a big backyard. Makes sense, a nice large yet contained area in which their kids can burn off energy, soak up some necessary Vitamin D, and make a whole lot of memories playing with their friends. While the size of the backyard may or may not weigh heavily into whether or not you purchase your home, if you’re in the market for one, or you settled for a less than stellar outdoor space, don’t discredit the small yard just yet! There’s still plenty to be done to...

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Patios And Pergolas: A Perfect Pair

The amazing thing about a backyard renovation is the blank canvas with which you have to work. The only limit is your imagination. Wonderful as this may sound, it can also present quite the daunting project. So many choices, where do you even begin? Add a pool? Convert the backyard into a maze of shrubbery for grins and giggles? Gazebo? Cabana? Fire pits??? Before you get overwhelmed by the possibilities, allow us to nudge you in a particular direction. A classic, stunning addition to your house that will serve you in an array of ways, a match made in...

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Devil’s In The Details: Ground Cover

Sprucing up your exterior involves a great many things. Adding a patio or deck, a pool, or simply changing up your landscaping design. Let’s focus on the latter: landscaping. Let’s focus in even further: ground cover. Your ground cover is maybe on of the most important elements when it comes to a front or back yard renovation. It’s going to take up a lot of space; the cost and upkeep will most assuredly be important factors in your decision making. Then there’s also the environmental impact of your choice. We’ll look at a few options and weigh them against...

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Pros and Cons of Pavers

Pavers are a useful little tool for your outdoor areas. The “technology” behind them was first put to use in Ancient Rome. Yes. The Romans really did think of just about everything. In Roman times, they used a mixture of lime and sand to densely pack the area, and on top of that they would lay natural stones cut in such a way that they locked into place and would never need to be tended to again, no matter the weather they weather. That was then, this is now. Natural stone isn’t practical for road construction. Pavers, on the...

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